Smell the Roses

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One of the sad commentaries on the age in which we are living is the fast pace at which we are traveling. Someone has said that if we don't slow down, we're just going to burn out. And it sure seems like we're trying just as hard as we can to do that. And of course, we miss some of the most important things in life because we are rushing to our goals without taking time to enjoy the things that really count.

There was a time when things, and people, moved a lot slower. We took time out to enjoy God's world and God's people. I remember when kin folk, friends and neighbors would visit with each other for hours at a time. The fellowship was so grand. But now we don't have the time. There is always too much to do and places we have to go. There is this activity and this function we must attend. No time to just slow down and enjoy life. How sad!

Years ago when dirt roads were the norm instead of the exception, traveling was much slower. A trip into town by wagon or buggy could take many hours. Usually, along the way there would be an unbridged creek. Here the travelers would stop their teams for them to drink the cool clear water. Trees grew tall on the banks, the soft breezes caressed lovely flowers of rainbow colors. Birds sang in the treetops, crickets chirped, and frogs croaked their songs in froggist unison.

The dirt roads have long been gone except for a very few here and there. Now the super highways carry the traffic at breakneck speed. Of course, the trees still grow tall, the water still flows over the pebbles, the breeze still sings and the frogs still croak, but all this goes unnoticed as we whiz to make that appointment on time.

The next time you travel, get off the main roads. You can travel the interstate system and make greater time, but there is far less beauty along the expressway. Take the roads less traveled by, the state roads and county roads. These wind and turn, follow the rivers, and go over the mountain instead of around it. The scenery is always tremendous. Stop the automobile and enjoy a certain view that has caught your eye.

And remember, as we travel the roads of life, we need to get off the super highways often. We need to pause and enjoy our family, friends, and church. We need to view the beauty of God's world, lest we miss so much joy and peace in life. When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses along the path or talked to a hummingbird from your kitchen window?