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Patrick was a normal boy;
about to turn seventeen.
He went to church and FCA
and lived the "Christian Dream"

He wanted to be a doctor,
so he did well in school.
He was the star quarterback
and was considered really cool.

He decided that for his birthday,
which was on a Sunday,
He'd have his party one day early.
He wouldn't miss church that way.

Well, Saturday rolled around
and he went to Kevin's house.
That's where he had his party;
he had a lot of friends come out.

There was food and dancing.
He was having a great time.
When he was offered a beer.
He didn't decline.

He took one beer
and then another.
He wasn't thinking like a Christian
and neither were the others.

About 11:45
he was on his way home.
15 minutes before he'd be 17;
it wasn't very long!

He lost control of the car
and hit an old oak tree.
The bad news is that Patrick
Didn't Live to be 17!