Never Drink and Drive

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He opens another one of the cans,
Thinking his mind would withstand.
In a drunken rage,
His anger is released in one thoughtless stage.

Fearing nothing at all,
He answers his angers call.
He opens his truck door,
Then presses the gas pedal to the floor.

As he turns the last curve,
There was no time for either car to swurve.
As their cars collide,
Both pass over to the other side.

Now as they both stand in the judgment line,
Memories of loved ones race through their minds.
She turns and gives him a forgiving smile,
As Christ searches throughout her file.

Then an ange decends from a cloud above,
With wings as snow white as a doves.
She hits her knees and Praises the Lord,
Her earthly pain she will endure no more.

As he steps forward to take his turn,
He notices that his feet are starting to burn.
As Christ opens his files,
The devils laughter is heard screaching for miles

As Christ stands up and leaves the room,
It fills suddenly with darkness and gloom.
As the steaming pits of hell open wide,
The devils voice screams out, you should