Dying Person

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A young girl walked outside at night,
Staring at the starry sky,
Thinking about her best friend
The only thing she knows to do is sigh.

As her thoughts get deeper and deeper,
A single tear runs down her cheek,
Making such a beautiful woman look so sad,
For all she is doing is trying to seek.

In a plain, somewhere over the pacific,
A young man is sitting in a plane,
Trying to escape the thought
Of his friend lying there in pain.

Why did he run away,
From his friend in need
He did not have to go,
Why did he do this horrific deed?

He has made up his mind,
He is taking the next flight back to his friend,
Back to the pain, the anguish, the heart ache,
To stay with him until the very end.

Back next to the young boy,
A heart broken mother cries,
Knowing that her son does have
A very good chance to survive

For he is beyond the doctors help,
He is beyond the help of Bayer's,
There is only one thing that can save him now
Is your solemn prayers.

Not just for the boy,
But for his family and friends too
For they are affected more by the loss,
For they have a lot to go through.

So pray for those, who are sick and ill,
But remember those who care about the sick and ill,
For they need your prayers most of all.
So pray to our father, till.

Till we are home,
Till the sick are well,
Till the injured are healed,
Till the families are safely through hell