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   Inspiring Christian Stories

A COMMITTED ATHEIST - a USC professor who dares God.

A FRIEND - You have given me hope when I had none.

A FRIEND FROM HE - A Lilbaaba Moment...At the Master's Hand

A LETTER FROM JESUS TO YOU - it's very comforting to know that Jesus loves us and wants the best for us.

A PRAYER OF REASSURANCE - A reassurance prayer.

A SHIMMERING LIGHT - A poem by a 7th grade girl. 

A TABLE FOR TWO - A story by Kirsten Burgess.

A WINNER'S PROMISE - A reminder to not get so caught up in the "game" that we forget what's important.

AN EIGHT YEAR OLD - sometimes children know how to explain God the best. 

ALL I REMEMBER - But...but...but....what do YOU remember?

ALL IN DUE TIME - How often, Lord, I've wanted life to be as I preferred.

AN UGLY RETARDED GIRL - a story about judging a person on the outside.

BIRDCAGE - a story about how Satan cages people up.

BUILDING - don't cheat on doing things. 

BUILD YOUR HOUSE - This is a story to make you think--what are you building for? Who are you building for?

CAUGHT IN THE WEB - What happened the night we heard our son scream and shoot himself to death (archived in Bereavement Magazine)

CHRISTMAS TIME - This is a poem to ask everyone to remember Jesus Christ in their holiday season.

DARE TO DREAM - An inspiring story of a young teenager who was encouraged by a coach.

DO YOU BELIEVE - A man finds his faith.

DOES GOD STILL SPEAK TO US? - a "miracle" story because someone was obedient to God's voice.

DRUMSTICKS ALONG THE TABLETOP - Finally, the house was quiet and I was relaxing in my favorite recliner musing on the activities of the day. Just a few hours previous, the house was clamoring with the noise of my family celebrating another Thanksgiving Day together. My wife is in the kitchen putting the final touches on the cleanup activity that finished a few moments ago.

FATHER I HAVE A PROBLEM - If you have ever had a problem you cannot handle, read this, it will help you see.

FOOTPRINTS I - this is a very familiar poem to many people. It has more significance than more people realize as we should trust in the Lord in everything.

FOOTPRINTS II - a sort-of continuation to the first Footprints

FUNNEL CLOUD - A couple of real life pictures of the hand of God

GOD IS - Reading this story is like diving into a pool of love. You can drown in His goodness and come up living for real!

GOD USED A TOOTHACHE - Sure to bring chill bumps

GOD'S LOVE - This Poem is short but it tells the truth plain and simple. That God Loves us!

GOD'S MESSAGE TO WOMAN - This story is really for the guys to read. A MUST!!!

GOOD MORNING FROM GOD - Have you ever wondered about your SFJTD box? Here is where you can find out what it is and what to do about it.

HAVE YOU TASTED MY JESUS - An inspiring story that we can't "explain" God in science in theories.

HIS FAITHFULNESS - The Lord is always timely in delivering us from ourselves.

I SHALL NOT FEAR - It's a poem for those in the midst of the war.

IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER - Our beloved Erma looks back over her life and leaves us her best advice, gleaned from living.

JESUS IS THE KEY - The importance of purity.

JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF THE SON -The cosmic story of salvation, the hugeness and holiness of God, the wonder of a believer's journey

JUST DO IT - just live for Jesus.

LET GOD MOVE IN - A personal testimony of how Daniel allowed God into his life.

LIGHTHOUSE - A lighthouse can be a number of things.

LONG LONELY TRAIL - A place where God did not fail.

LOVE UNEXPECTED - The times you felt you were alone there really was someone there.

LOVE REVEALED - Sure to bring chill bumps

Mission Fuge: The Impact on MY Life - Emotional, Impacting, Inspiring - nothing can even describe the feelings resulting from mfuge, but this is my view of one summer that started slow and ended with a bang in my face, allowing me to finally open my eyes in this sin-laden world.


PATH OF THE LORD - an inspiring poem on seeking the path of God. 

ONE DARK NIGHT - We are never alone.

OUR FRIEND - Sure to bring chill bumps.

PRAYER - a true story about a  missionary and the power of his prayer to God. AMAZING!

PRAYER UPSETS SOME PEOPLE - This is a prayer that moved across the nation.

REFLECTING ON YEARS PAST - This poem discribes my life changing experience with a newly found friend, Jesus.

RESURRECTION - He has risen from the dead.

RUTH - an inspiring story portraying God's love to us. 

SHATTERED - The true meaning of a shattered vase.

SILENCE OF NATURE - God can talk through the silence in nature.

SOME OF THE BEST - Sit yourself down and pick up this poem to read! It is a pick-me-up of a most wonderful kind. You can't help but feel good about yourself when you have read its message.

SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO TRAVEL - Oh my! If you need reminded of how awesome our God really is--just read this story. Seldom do I hear of such a powerful reminder of just what He can do.

SPEAKING AGAPE - a story about a universal language called Agape. 

SPRING IS AT HAND - Spring is at hand.

STRENGTH IN FAITH - open your heart to the Lord and he will increase your faith.


THE ART OF WORSHIP - A poem about the beauty of our God

THE AUCTION - similar to The Painting".

THE BRIDGE - a very touching story about a father who......

THE BURDEN - think you have problem's? Think again!

THE I CAN'T FUNERAL - I think we can all learn from this story. Let's go try it for ourselves?

THE LEGEND OF THE SAND DOLLAR - Ever want to know the legend of the sand dollar?

THE LEGEND OF THE SAND DOLLAR VER. 2 - Ever want to know the legend of the sand dollar?

THE LEGEND OF THE SAND DOLLAR VER. 3 - Ever want to know the legend of the sand dollar?

THE MUSIC OF THE STORM - Capturing the music as the storm passes by.

THE PERFECT HEART - A really lovely fable of how to have a perfect heart, and how to know if you really want one!

THE PORTRAIT OF A RICH MAN'S SON - an inspiring story portraying God's love to us.

THE ROAD OF LIFE - life is easier when Jesus is in control.

THE ROOM - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that everyone read this story! It's about all the filing cards in your life and much more.

THE RIGHT PLACE - God places in places not by coincidence.

THE STORY OF THE SAND DOLLAR - a touching story of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ illustrated through a sand dollar.

THE TRAIL OF THE MARTYR - You, Simon Mariot, will be charged with the following accounts of crime. If you are convicted, you will be sentenced to death by the fiery stake. Are you clear on this?

THE VESSEL - a story about the Master choosing a vessel

TIME - Time is in God's Hand

TRUE ROYALTY - a nice story about trading our rags in for riches.

VISITING HOURS - Where do you keep your Jesus on Mondays? On Thursdays?

WAIT WITH THEE LORD - As long as you keep your faith in the LORD Your wait will be short and not long.

WANTING IT - Just leads people on the right track

WELCOME TO THE REST OF YOU LIFE - For all people leaving home.

WHAT'S GOD GOT? - A valentine poem.

WHERE ARE THE GREAT ONE'S NOW - Reflections of Bible Heroes

WHO? - God is the only almighty and powerful God

WHO YOU ARE MAKES A DIFFERENCE - a father who wants to honor his son.

WHY COME TO EARTH - American radio broadcaster Paul Harvey once told a modern parable about a religious skeptic who worked as a farmer.

WINGS - American radio broadcaster Paul Harvey once told a modern parable about a religious skeptic who worked as a farmer.