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Easter - Never forget the sacrifice!
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Many believers are "rabbit hole" Christians. In the morning they pop out of their safe Christian homes, hold their breath at work, scurry home to their families and then off to their Bible studies, and finally end the day praying for the unbelievers they safely avoided all day. - Jane Peterson

Welcome to, the premiere Christian Easter stories and Christian Easter Poems website online. We have the largest collection of Christian poems and Christian stories on the Internet with well over 750 stories & poems that have been collected for your enjoyment. We have divided up the Christian stories and poems into 6 categories; inspirational, funny, challenging, encouraging, heartwarming and great reminders. We have also added other categories such as Easter stories, Valentine stories, Urban Legends, Halloween stories, Thanksgiving stories and Christmas stories.

If you are looking for a particular Christian story or poem, you may also Search for it on our site.

A popular section that we've added is Christian Dating.

Hopefully helpful if you are looking for a Christian mate.

We've added another new section for those who are worship leaders. Chords and lyrics for the latest worship songs.

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